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Licensed Fiduciary Services for Folsom and El Dorado Hills

A fiduciary acts as a trusted advisor and guide for individuals and families who need extra help managing their personal and financial affairs. At Rose Trust, Fiduciary and Case Management in Folsom, we provide an array of fiduciary services tailored to the needs of clients in Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Granite Bay, Cameron Park, Rescue, Shingle Springs, El Dorado, Placerville, Camino, Pollock Pines and other foothill communities.

Folsom Private Trustee

Sacramento Trust Case ManagementAs your private trustee, we will handle matters ranging from personal care to financial management for those who can no longer represent themselves. We work closely with our clients in Folsom and El Dorado Hills to understand their individual needs. It is always our highest priority to protect the integrity and well being of our clients.

Trust Administration for Folsom and El Dorado Hills

Administering a trust can be a very large undertaking. Many busy individuals and families know that having a trust is beneficial, but simply don’t have the time or knowledge to manage it themselves. That’s why we step in and handle every aspect of trust administration and management on your behalf. Debra Rose has a JD degree and understands the legal intricacies of trusts and trust management which her clients in Folsom and El Dorado Hills highly value.

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Estate Advisor & Consultant for Folsom and El Dorado Hills

Taking care of estate needs, especially in the wake of an illness or death in the family, can be emotionally and mentally challenging. As an estate advisor and consultant for people in Folsom and El Dorado Hills, Debra helps families understand how an estate and its assets can be managed, distributed or liquidated.

Folsom-based Case & Care Management

In some circumstances, individuals can no longer represent themselves legally and financially and have no family in Folsom or El Dorado Hills who can help. That’s where our case and care management services come into play. Debra compassionately and responsibly manages an array of responsibilities including making personal care decisions, paying bills, and completing annual financial statements and tax filings.

Bill-Pay Services & Representative Payee

It can be difficult to manage even the most basic of family affairs in the wake of a death or long-term illness. Debra Rose assists families by acting as a representative payee and providing bill-pay services. She ensures that all bills are paid in a timely fashion and handles all account-related correspondence and communications.

Special Needs Trust Administration for Folsom

Sacramento Special Needs Trust Case ManagementA trust can help protect the interests and assets of an individual with special needs, but these types of trusts can also be confusing to manage. Tapping on her experience in health care and legal policy, Debra Rose assists families by administering special needs trusts.

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Power of Attorney

There are times when individuals need to appoint power of attorney to a neutral party who will protect their best interests. Through her power of attorney services, Debra assists individuals who need a representative to handle an array of affairs requiring power of attorney.

Conservatorship Management

Being appointed as a conservator or guardian is a serious responsibility. Many individuals need help and guidance to carry out these duties. Debra Rose is proud to step in and assist these individuals and their families to ensure the best outcome in conservatorship cases.


Resolving a dispute between close friends or family members can be impossible for those closely involved in the situation. A trained mediator, Debra understands how to get to the root of the issue and help parties resolve their conflicts. She acts as a neutral party during all mediation proceedings.